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Hello Readers,

Welcome to Monday’s script of the Weekly Snooze. My column will consist of me freely discussing movies that I have seen in the previous week. Everyone knows about the classics, my goal in this blog is to recommend or not recommend movies that have opened within the last few months. I will sometimes throw in a tv show if I so choose and maybe a book every now and then. I very much love to discuss movies, books, and tv shows, so I welcome any comments, criticisms, or conversationalists to email me with feedback. If I receive a particularly interesting question, comment or movie suggestion, I will post and reflect on it in the following week’s blog.

My rating system will be a simple, Highly Recommend, Recommend and Not Recommend. If I come up with something better I will change it.

This week was a particularly “successful” week for movies. I watched Warrior, Beginners, Anonymous, and J Edgar, yes I do do other stuff, but yes I do need a girlfriend…

Beginners is good film centered around Oliver (Ewan McGregor), who’s dad is diagnosed with cancer. The movie switches back and forth between the last few months of his father’s life, to after his father has passed and Oliver is beginning a relationship with Anna (Melanie Laurent). The kicker is that Oliver is trying to cope with the fact his father finally comes out of the closet after he is diagnosed with cancer. The chemistry between Ewan and Melanie is potent, and the emotions that Oliver is dealing with, in light of what has happened, really pullsyou into this movie. Oliver’s father Hal (Christopher Plummer, awarded a Golden Globe and Oscar for this role) and his new-found boyfriend, half his age, create some great comic re

lief, and the beautiful Melanie Laurent commands your attention. A low-key movie that deals with Oliver beginning his new life after his parents, and one the I recommend.

Anonymous deals with the idea the William Shakespeare never actual wrote any of his plays. The movie starts out by saying that not one of Shakespeare’s plays has ever been found in his own handwriting. The movie is alternate story on how, and who wrote the classic plays that are still revered today. An interesting spin on a man rarely criticized, filled with drama, deceit, wars, and action. Also, one that I would recommend.

J Edgar, Leonardo Dicaprio’s most recent movie, goes behind the scenes on J Edgar Hoover’s life. The movie flashes back and forth from highlight’s of his career, to him dictating his memoir to a young FBI agent. I am too young to remember the personality of J Edgar, but Leo seems to do a great job portraying this icon. A slower and long movie with some controversial parts, but at that same time, very informational on a life I knew little about. One that I would recommend.

The best movie I saw this week by far was Warrior. Starring Tom Hardy as Tommy Conlon, Joel Edgerton as his brother Brendan Conlon, and Nick Nolte as their father, Paddy. The brothers, both former UFC fighters, have since departed from their sport, but after each of their own difficulties, they return to the arena, and both enter a UFC ultimate tournament. The torn apart family of Tommy, Brendan and Paddy, is the basis of the character development of this movie. An excellent movie with great characters, great plot, amazing action and suspense. At the end of the movie you will find yourself so invested in the outcome and in the characters that you don’t know what you want to happen. Tremendous acting by Tom Hardy, who is a raging bulldog, and Nick Nolte, a man who you don’t know whether to hate or pity. A movie that I highly recommend.

-Steve Conroy