Tough Mudder


Hello Friday,

Monday here, filling in for Friday, sitting watching the end of the San Diego State/NC State game, hoping for a buzzer beater by San Diego State. Since it is Friday, I have permission to write about whatever I want, and even though I finished my book and watched a couple of good movies this week, I am going to go in another direction and talk about something else that affects my daily life.

Early this year I signed up for the Tough Mudder. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a 12 mile course, filled with a crazy variety of obstacles, such as: tazer wires, fire, climbing ropes, walls, army crawling and much much more. These courses, designed by British Special Forces, have been growing in popularity over the past couple of years. It is not a race, but a team effort, unless you sign up as an individual your official time does not register until the last person on your team crosses the finish line. So this event is as much about the challenges of completing, as it is about helping and carrying your team members. (San Diego Just Lost). The Tough Mudder is on April 28th , D Day as I like to call it, and this looming challenge has been an unrelenting drive for me to get into the best shape possible before this date. I want to be the anchor for my team, I want to be the hand the helps the rest of my team over the wall. After graduating college and no longer playing a college sport, I lost a lot of my energy to spend time in a windowless dungeon, lifting heavy objects as many times as I can until my arms are SWOLL. This obstacle course has reignited the fire in my stomach, and has given me the motivation to push myself once again. Right now I am in maybe the best shape of my life, I am eating better, sleeping better, and I feel better about myself. I don’t want this like I am bragging; I only mean to get the point across that if you are in a little lull, sign up for a marathon, or half marathon, or anything that will force you to improve yourself physically. And In no time, you will be walking taller and longer. Now I am off for a run. Have a good weekend, talk to you Monday.

-Steve Conroy