Hunger Games Movie – Recommend, Hunger Games Book – Highly Recommend


If you know me, you know that I have mixed feelings about movie adaptations of books I have read and enjoyed. Mixed feelings, as in I love the Lord of the Rings trilogy movies and books, but on the flip side of the pillow there are not enough words in all the languages of past, present and future worlds to describe my loathing for the Harry Potter films. I love the books, but the movies are an embarrassment to J.K Rowling, fans of Harry Potter, Hollywood, and the human race. I almost walked out of the theater in the last movie when they changed the ending to some kind of flying Dragonball –Z battle between Harry and Tom Riddle, instead of facing off in the great hall. Sweet God, Words cannot explain! Having said that, I went into this movie with much hesitation.

I became enthralled with the books a couple of months back, and rated them up there with Harry Potter. I loved the plot, characters, dilemmas, battles, casualties, everything.

The premise of the first book in the trilogy is in a post apocalyptic United States, there is a city in the Rocky Mountains the rules over 12 districts spread throughout the country. Each district supplies the Capitol city with one necessity, such as; coal, food, cloth etc.. In the past, 13 Districts rebelled against the Capitol City to try and gain the freedom, but the Capitol city crushed the rebellion, and now every year they randomly pick a boy and girl, ages 12-18, from each district and place them in an arena where they have to fight to the death. This is punishment for the rebellion, and a reminder of the power the Capitol city has. The main character, Katniss Everdeen, lives in District 12 and as you may have guessed is indirectly selected for the arena. The story continues from there.

I was on such a high off of these books and how I played out the scenes in my head, that I feared the day the movie premiered. Although the book is of simple words, and plot, I still have nightmares of Harry Potter. Well leaving the theater at 3 am on Friday morning I was pleasantry surprised. The action was great, it was visually stimulating, and it followed the book almost throughout the entire movie. As to be expected, they skimmed over a lot of the story to spend more time on the action, and the changed a few things here and there, but nothing I could not live with. Most of the parts were just as I pictured them, and I left the theater feeling happy. If you have read the book, I would suggest seeing it. If you have not read the books, I would strongly suggest reading the book first (it will take you two days, you won’t be able to do anything else), then go see the movie. I believe it is better to visualize your own characters, instead of some good looking actors Hollywood hired to sell the movie with their good looks alone.

The massive flaw that I found in the movie, was not with the script or directing, but the cast. The characters did not match up with their descriptions at all. The main character was too good looking and tall. A baker’s son was to skinny, and short. A drunken slob, was also way to skinny. I was just not impressed with the casting, and also the chemistry between the characters seemed very forced and awkward. Many of the scenes where two characters were kissing or worried about the other, were laughable. Overall not the best pick for actors, but still the movie is a recommend, the book is a highly recommend.


3 thoughts on “Hunger Games Movie – Recommend, Hunger Games Book – Highly Recommend

  1. I personally think that the best book to movie series would have to be Harry Potter so well done

  2. I have to respectfully disagree with the first commenter. As an avid Harry Potter fan, I feel the movies were awful. How can you possibly fit all that magic into a 2 hour movie. They were all bad. No offense.

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