You can now be strip searched for a traffic violation. Something about golf. Titanic rerelease. Google glasses: just what I was afraid of. One Direction? Mary J. Blige getting slack for racist Burger King commercial. Beyonce tumblr! I couldn’t even hate if I tried. Trayvon Trayvon Trayvon. Kony 2012, part II…

Ya know when you learn a new word for the first time, and then you start hearing it everywhere? That’s kind of what happened with me and Lena Dunham this week.

Browsing Netflix Instant for the first time (now that I have a young, vibrant computer with ambition and integrity, and hacked my brother’s account…) I saw Tiny Furniture was streaming. Which reminded me that I’ve been wanting to watch Tiny Furniture! So I watched it. And definitely enjoyed it.

I had heard things in passing about the girl who made Tiny Furniture from my brief stint in LA, knowing people who went to Oberlin, and knowing people in LA who went to Oberlin. I read a short article about it around when it came out (2009), but nothing beyond making a latent note-to-self to watch Tiny Furniture stuck.

And then suddenly I’m researching this girl. And watching her webseries: Delusional Downtown Divas. And then it clicks that SHE’S the one behind GIRLS debuting on HBO next week that I’ve been hearing so much about and eager to see. And then, days later without even trying, I stumble upon youtube interviews. And then I get my New York Magazine in the mail and she’s on the cover!


If you hadn’t noticed, there are a lot of girl shows on primetime right now. The New Girl, which I don’t hate. 2 Broke Girls, did that last? Best Friends Forever, which I don’t think has started yet, but I heard a commercial for it on the radio and it’s funny how not funny it is. Apt. 23: Also yet to debut, also looks bad. Gossip Girl doesn’t count, and I don’t think Whitney does either.

This one is exciting though because Lena Dunham is not your conventional hottie. This is exciting because it’s HBO, who unarguably pilots all the best shows on television. This is exciting because Judd Apatow is involved, however tangentially, and while his resume is a lot of (exclusively?) bro comedies, they’re funny and he’s a big deal. This is exciting because Sex and the City, while I’ve seen every episode at least twice and truly believe the writing is brilliant, was about 30-somethings. And I just. couldn’t. relate.

What I think is most exciting however, is the fact that Lena Dunham is only 25, has written, directed, and starred in a critically acclaimed award-winning feature film, is about to do the same in a critically acclaimed television show on the most important network. She also went to a small liberal arts school in Ohio, and essentially just graduated. I admit, that might also have something to do with her piquing my intrigue.

I think what I’m trying to say is that at a time when it seems like every year is a worse year to graduate from college than the last, and everything is kinda sorta crashing down around us and the fate of our posterity lies in the hands of Generation Whatever We Are, it’s exciting, if I can use that word one last time, to see a very young woman, creating something big, smart, poignant, and popular. Like, has that ever happened before? At 25?

Here’s to maybe doing the same one day, and once again being the token girl on the Weekly Snooze.

Thank God It’s Friday.