The Secret Service got a little wild in Colombia, because who wouldn’t? RIP Dick Clark, and Levon Helm. This is just…horrifying. Coachella, Hologram Tupac. And more than 20,000 people ran 26 miles, straight!, in the Boston Marathon. I wonder if I could ever do that ever.

I’m not going to lie, I had no idea about the shuttle business until it was happening. I had to do a lot of shady inferring and I’m still a little blurry on the details.  I think now I understand that it’s important and exciting and amazing, and that a generational gap is very much to blame for my ignorance. Or maybe personally I just had a busy week? Or maybe I tend to pay less attention to Spacey news?

At least I didn’t start talking out of my ass like this guy about the history of the Discovery Shuttle!

Ugh! If you’re going to talk on national television about ANYTHING, maybe do some research. If, in the light of the Trayvon/Zimmerman controversy you, as a Representative of the state of Florida, are concerned about the image of Florida, maybe don’t equate Democrats with Communists. And if you are, be able to name names.

This is why the Republican Party can’t be taken seriously.  To say that Communism reflects the same ideologies held by Democrats is such buffoonery. You, sir, either do not understand Communism, or you do not understand Democratic ideals. Which isn’t surprising, because you and your red elephant friends are notorious for burying your heads in the sand and making minimal effort to understand your left counterargument.

Your leap from Communist to Progressive to Democrat is bold. Progressive. Let’s see. The root word here is Progress. When did progress become such a dirty word! Progress is good! We MUST make progress! The very nature of civilization is to advance, and progress. This implies a constant trial and error where we identify problems or shortcomings in our society and seek to solve them. In solving them, we make progress. Democrats, and I’m speaking generally with an undeserving soap box, recognize that Communism, while having roots in equality, does not work and does not lead to progress. So we reject Communism in favor of Democracy, with the belief (and proof?) that it is the best government system. Have I dumbed this down enough for you, Allen West?

Reminds me of the classic:

TGIF y’all.