New Orleans

For those who don’t know, I am on a road trip. Currently, I am sitting in a hostel i New Orleans surrounded by international travelers. So far, we have spent four days at the North Carolina beach, one at a beach in Florida, one night at a rest area, and one in a parking lot (in the car). Its been pretty wild so far. Or so I thought.

Yesterday we got to New Orleans. Neither of us having ever been here we naturally went to Bourbon Street for our first night. Now, its important to remember that it was a Tuesday night and we both went in thinking were to tired to party tonight (tired from driving and spending two nights in the car). As soon as we got off the trolley we were immersed in Bourbon Street. The best way I can describe it is a constant hustle. Women coming up to us offering drinks, three drinks for the price of 1, beads, incredible music at every bar (of which there is an endless amount), people handing you “get in free” coupons, it went on and on.

After walking 20 yards I had already spent 30 bucks. After an hour I think I had spent around 75. We were there for three or four hours and I am too scared to look at the balance of my bank account.

We were hustled at every turn. The people who work there must prey on people like us. We kept on saying “hey this is our first time,” which seemed to make us a lot of friends. Once people knew we were rookies we were done. On one particular occasion a “waitress” asked me if I wanted a drink, I said no, and she literally upended it into my mouth and made me pay for it. It was insane.

It was an experience though. Getting hustled, spending way too much money, dancing, seeing great music, and getting hustled. I think everyone should do it once. If John is right, and the world is ending in 2012 Bourbon Street might be the place we should all go.ew


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