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A couple weeks ago Obama came out in support of gay marriage. I for one could not be happier about this. The fight for gay marriage is the last blatant “black and white” civil rights issue. As a country we have overcome many obstacles with regard to race and gender. In no way am I saying we have solved these issues, but many steps have been taken to address them. Sexual orientation seems to hold out as an issue people will not allow. Its on the same level as not wanting women to vote and not allowing African Americans to sit in the front of the bus. 

Having the President of the United States, the person who represents us all, the face of the nation, come out in support of gay marriage is monumental. This is something that must have been planned, debated, and deliberated over for months, maybe years. This could be a decision that defines Obamas legacy, a decision that makes or breaks his campaign. Needless to say, it was huge.

But wait. He didn’t break the news. Joe Biden did.

Joe Biden, when asked about gay marriage came out in support of it on Meet the Press. Saying he was “absolutely comfortable with gay marriage,” before Obama has had a chance address the issue is a major offense. I’m sure many people are happy with Biden for being the “honest, loose cannon,” that he has proven himself to be (and I can’t say that I’m too angry myself), but this was a huge mistake. Him superceding Obama makes the administration look disorganized. It also makes Obama look weak. Biden could be making decisions based on his possible presidential bid in 2016. If Obama can’t control the vice-president how can he control the country? I can see Glen Beck gleefully writing his next Obama put down.

A disaster may have been averted. Biden apologized and Obama seemed to shrug it off as Joe being Joe. But what happens when Biden jumps the gun on an issue of foreign policy? What if his inability to censor himself ends up hurting other people? Biden may be a great guy/vice president, and he may play better with blue collar democrats but discipline is something he doesn’t have.

I love the guy. I shook his hand and he asked me about the pretty girl I was standing next to. I love his honesty and straight forwardness. But discipline is what Obama needs in a number 2. Who should that be? If you’ve been reading my column you know I think it should be Hillary. She doesn’t make mistakes.


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