John Carter – Recommend


The summer is upon us and with that comes the summer blockbusters. As I said last week (The Avengers: Highly Recommend), and past weeks (Wrath of the Titans: Not Recommended), I am a fan of these extreme budget, over the top, pure entertainment flicks. In the end my preferred genre is Drama, but action pack cinema, created especially for the big screen is something that I very much appreciate. However, even with this understanding of the point of these movies, I still find myself sticking my nose up at many of these summer blockbusters. And more often than not, I am humbly reminded of how never to judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a movie by its trailer. This week I watched Disney’s John Carter, and by the rant above, I’m sure you figured out that I found it to be significantly better than once thought.

I saw the trailer awhile ago, and along with the people I was with, said “that looks dumb”. Naturally, I did not make a trip to the theaters when it was out, and today I find myself regretting that decision. I watched John Carter on my computer, and found it to be extremely entertaining, fun, and worth watching. The acting was great, with some big names, and recognizable faces. The effects were good, considering they had to create a new landscape, creatures, and civilizations, seeing as it takes place on Mars. The foundation of the story line has been done before, but the twists to it give it a very engaging plot. All in all, it is a fun movie, that is good for kids and adults alike, and with some fun shocks John Carter gets a recommend.

As I mentioned above, I watched this movie on my computer this week. I now very much wish I had seen it in theaters. 3D and a movie theater size screen would have really made this movie pop (literally and figuratively). Recently I found myself having similar doubtful feelings about another trailer I saw…Battleship. I laughed when I saw the name of this movie, I could not believe they created a movie off of this old board game. Well, I’m here to say that I will be seeing battleship, and I am going to see it in theaters. And although it will be hard, I even pledge to stay in the theater if after a serious battle scene, I hear the words “You sunk my battleship!”