Music Today

I’m not feeling political today. Maybe I’m in a bad mood, but I want to rant a little. I want to talk about top 40 music. Here’s my take:

90% of the time I have a bad night on the weekend it is because I go to the bar. I come in happy and excited, ready to dance and have fun, and virtually every time I leave sullen and depressed (and this is not only because girls don’t want to talk to me). It’s the music being played. We live the generation responsible for worst popular music of all time. It’s an embarrassment. It’s hard for me to even call it music, because none of what is being played comes from actual musicians. Synthesizers and computers make up much of what we hear today. What a shame.

I recently told a friend “I don’t hate it when country comes on the radio anymore” and couldn’t explain why. Now I know. It’s simply refreshing to hear music being played by actual musicians. Even the worst country song about your dog dying and your girlfriend leaving you is better than most music today (plus some of the harmonies are kind of nice).

There are obviously exceptions to every rule. Lady Gaga is apparently very talented, Beyonce has a great voice and is attractive beyond words, um, I know there are more. If your reading this and your pissed at me try this: pick any song in the top 40 and look up the lyrics and read them without the music. Then find out if there are actual instruments involved, then see if it was written by the person getting credit for it, then ask yourself if you actually like it. If you were in your room all by yourself with iTunes, would you play that song? Would you? Would you listen to a Katy Perry song by yourself?

And another thing. When are people going to come out and say that not only is most of today’s music horrendous but also flat out offensive. It is. There is no way around it. It’s demeaning in general, but to women and homosexuals in particular. It’s incredible to me that we as a society tolerate this

I wasn’t too long ago when you could walk into a bar and listen to an actual band playing actual music with actual instruments, singing unencumbered by auto tune. You might walk into a bar, buy a drink, listen to the music, and maybe if you could muster the courage ask a girl to dance (and I mean actual dancing). Now, we walk into bars and are immediately hit with terrible music with too much base that is so simplistic the only option you have is to get really drunk and walk up behind a girl and hope that she is ok with you rubbing up on her. If not, fine, go fist pump in the middle of the floor with your head down, swaying back and forth, to essentially the same beat all night.

Every time my friends convince me to go to one of these bars (which are everywhere) I end up sober in the corner nursing a rum, coke acting awkward, or slugging a bunch of Peebs (PBR), begrudgingly dancing like a total douche, and wondering how many episodes of the Office I can squeeze in before I fall asleep when I get home.