Brave: Recommend

This past week I saw Brave, the newest installment to the Pixar legacy. Along with many other people in this nation and world, I am a huge fan of these animated films. Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and UP, are some of my favorite animated movies of all times. The animation, the voices, the soundtrack, the story, and the messages, all add up to movies incredibly enjoyable for both kids and adults alike. Pixar has become one of the great success stories of our time, and they seem not to be able to fail.

Brave follows suit, and is another very entertaining movie. Visually it is beautiful, the 3D is awesome, the accents and soundtrack and very fun. The story line is great for kids, and it really shines a powerful light on women, mothers, and daughters. There are two women in this movie, and they are the most powerful characters in the story. This movie took some turns that I did not expect, and kept me attention throughout. The one category where Brave falls short is appealing to children and adults alike. This movie is a kids movie. The jokes are silly, the characters are goofy, the story line speaks to the relationship between children and parents, and the overall feeling of the movie was childish. All of the previous movies had enough adult humor to keep an older crown entertained.

I did enjoy this movie, and I do recommend to your children, young cousins, friends, and you, just be in a silly mood. I appreciate the light shined on women, and the fact that it is aimed at children. All in all, Pixar did it again.