Day 1

Today has been rough. I made a major mistake right off the bat by not shopping and preparing my meals before hand. I attempted to just “eat less,” a strategy that made me desperate for food not matter the cost. I ended up spending $10.07 on my first meal at 11:30am and $3.00 a breakfast sandwich at 4:30pm. $13!!! This is way over my daily budget of $4.71. Tomorrow I am going to a cheap store to buy pasta, sauce, bread, and MAYBE some cheap form of chicken. I hope to stretch these items for three or four days at least.

My confidence at being able to complete this task “no problem” has been shaken. I am not sure how my remaining budget of under $25 will last 6 days. I’m hypothesizing that eating small quantities frequently will keep my hunger at bay and suppress the urge to buy something I cannot afford. Its still early but I’ve already learned that living off this budget takes planning, strategy and resolve. Until tomorrow.