Day 4/5

Day 4

Today I spent under $10. For breakfast I had a cliff bar. Then I worked till 7pm. I work for a catering company part time so I’m around food a lot. Part of this challenge involves not eating anything you don’t pay for. However, when they supplied us with the staff meal I was so hungry I indulged (I literally felt light headed from the hunger). I wolfed down a sandwich and a large plate of pasta. I could have eaten two sandwiches and two plates of pasta but I showed some restraint I guess.

After work I ate a hamburger at 9pm and called it a night. Again I was starving. I guess I am used to eating a lot. At times I can feel my stomach shrinking (which is good?). Again, not being able to store and prepare food ahead of time has made it extremely difficult to stay on budget.

Day 5

Today I did not spend a single dollar. I had orientation for the basketball company I work for from 9am to 2pm where bagels were supplied. Then from 3pm to 12:30am I catered a wedding where food was supplied. Again, excepting food without paying for it is against the rules but being that I dont have the ability to prepare food I think its alright. Today was easier because being busy made me think less about hunger. The days when I have long stretches of sitting around seem to be the hardest.

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