Smart Phones

Hey everyone! Its been awhile. I just want to check in briefly with a short commentary on smart phones.

For years now people have been telling me to get a smarter phone than the one I currently have (the Intensity 2). It’s more efficient, looks better, its helpful when you’re lost and helpful for knowing when the next bus is. They’re just great. Right? I always respond with, “yeah, I’m sure I’ll get one eventually.” But I never have.

Part of me doesn’t like touch screens, but most of me has resisted because every day I see more and more people glued to smart phones like they’re reading the final chapter in a Harry Potter book. Sometimes I get a glance of what people are looking at and 90% of the time they’re playing games or viewing the newest social media site. More and more I feel that we as a society have become less personable. It’s so easy to not engage, so easy to sit back and tap into the endless entertainment that is the internet. Sometimes when I’m out to eat with friends each of us will have  our phone on the table ready to check at a moment’s notice. Sometimes while eating, we will all be checking our phones SIMULTANEOUSLY!!! It’s really gotten me down.

But until the other day I couldn’t articulate exactly why I didn’t have a smart phone until I saw this clip. It’s spot on.

Now, I will not sit here and pretend that I don’t use modern technology as an escape. I love Netflix, HBOGO, Facebook, and all that. But I’m trying to draw a line somewhere between getting an iphone and renouncing all my processions, moving to a commune, and never shaving again. Enjoy. Jackson.

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  1. Sorry, I’m sure there’s a great point in here, but I can’t get past the first several sentences without noticing a number of spelling errors. You can delete this post if you want, but for the love of writing, please fix them!

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