Clinton at the 1st Debate

Hillary Clinton’s performance in the first debate was one of the best that I have ever seen. She was cool, calm and collected. She stood back and let Trump make an ass of himself and responded articulately in a way that made sense. Hillary’s difficulty is that she is a women. If a man had given the same performance the race would be over. Hillary is deadlocked against someone who embodies the worst our country has to offer (demagoguery, fear mongering, bigotry, and reality television) and yet the American people can’t bring themselves to quite embrace her. Do you think Trump would have lasted this long against Obama or Bill? Absolutely not. If Hillary were a man the American people would have a much easier time recognizing Trump for what he is: a complete embarrassment.

We love Obama and Bill. Obama was elected twice and I listened to the media say that if Bill Clinton was able to run for President in 2008 he would have won with 65% of the vote. But Hillary? Not so much. What is the difference between her and Obama on a policy level? Are their beliefs so fundamentally different? Of course not. In fact, Hillary has been criticized for trying to be too much like Obama policy wise. Is she the perfect candidate? No of course not. But the difference between her and Trump staggering. And if we let our collective sexism influence us much more we really will be in trouble.