Hey guys,

I have a few points I want to make about what happened in this election.

1. Anyone talking about Hillary Clinton being an imperfect candidate, please do not make a false equivalency between her flaws and his. Of course she wasn’t the “perfect candidate,” but dwelling on this is irresponsible. He is a monster who will take the country backwards and she would have moved us forward. Period. Its also hypocritical of anyone to second guess her candidacy now because literally EVERYONE (me and you)/ALL EXPERTS said she would win.

2. People are already suffering. I have talked to many people who say they refuse to live in fear, but just remember that being able to make this choice is a luxury. Trump represents a constituency of white, straight, christians who hate government and anyone not like them. Its about a group of people who yearn for the days when they could treat women and minorities like property and make decisions with impunity. This election was a major win for them. Almost every black, muslim, latin, women that I know is scared right now.

3. We will move forward but not before we hold Trump accountable. I am all for donating my time and money to fighting this man but it is VITAL that we not forget his campaign. He needs to be held responsible for what he has said, insinuated and done. We cannot allow ourselves complacency or to normalize what happened. His acceptance speech was filled with rhetoric about “coming together” yet he has successfully divided us and he needs to answer for that.

4. We are divided. We live in a bubble. I know everyone knows a handful of people who may have voted for Trump but most of us do not live in a world where he is widely accepted. This is a scary world. Its a world where objectifying women and mocking minorities, disabled people and those with religious differences is defensible. Do not succumb to your liberal guilt and think this divisiveness is our fault. While Hillary was talking about inclusivity Trump exploited this divide, widening it, and succeeded in polarizing Americans.

5. Don’t ignore this or think its going away. We need to be out there talking and actively working against the hatred and bigotry that is bubbling up all over the country. Trump represents this hate, giving a name and a face to it. There is going to be a protest at Trumps inauguration in January. I encourage everyone to come.

Thanks for listening to my rant.