Jackson Ellis: Thursday Columnist, Editor and Political Analyst

Jackson Ellis is a 25 year old well rounded American. His time is occupied by his love for in-depth conversations, dancing, sports, and work. He is well versed in politics and is very emotional (cries frequently). Jackson is a free spirit (rarely does he wear underwear) who enjoys fresh air, and playing three chord songs on his guitar. He has a contagious laugh that lifts the room’s spirit when heard. Jackson likes good books, both non-fiction and fiction, and is always up to date on current events. He is the founder.

Cassiel Archdeacon: Friday Columnist, The Final Say/VP of Creativity

Meet Cassiel Archdeacon. Cassiel has a pet tiger and trains Taiwanese children in martial arts. She is paid a livable wage for her time and spends her money at monument gift shops in Washington DC. Cassiel can unnerve a person from 20 yards away with sassy looks but has an incredibly warm heart. Ms. Archdeacon writes about everything. What’s new in the marketplace to the dopest Young Jeezy album. If it’s happening this week, she’s got it covered.

Ben Jennings: Musical Analyst, VP of Marketing and Media Relations


Emily Sacher

Emily Sacher lives in Washington, DC where she spends her days teaching math to
middle school children and spends her nights working in a bar where her customers
act like middle school children. While she has relocated to DC, Emily has an irrational
and fervent love for her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, and will challenge anyone who
insults it to a fight (probably just with her words). In the rare moments when she is not
working, Emily can be found watching sitcoms, pretending to know how to use power
tools, and being late for things.

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