As the warm weather here in Seattle continues to poke it’s little head out of the soggy hole it has been hiding in, I find myself turning my thoughts to one of my favorite pastimes; the wonderful sport of golf.  I have many a great story, and many a most likely not so great musing about the game of golf-perhaps to be shared in the coming weeks, but in the spirit of the newly arrived spring, today I propose something different.

Today, I say, quit reading the snooze. Literally stop right now and get outside! (if you have nice weather, and are not working, of course…..or maybe even if you are….).  Too few are the times in life when we choose mother nature over our electronic devices and our LCD displays.  Go forth, off the grid, and enjoy life.

If you are a golfer, break the clubs out and make a tee-time.  If you are a non-golfer, consider a lesson-believe me it’s a wonderfully frustrating but even more wonderfully rewarding game.  If you refuse golf and aren’t tempted by my wonderful pictures below, fine, but at least get some outdoors time.

-Rob Melick